Let's be honest; how many of us actually bother to check if our cars are properly locked once we park into the driveway after a long and tiring day at work and finally call it a day? We dream about our beds or favorite sofas all day long, or maybe we long for a long walk or job around the park. And we know every second counts. So we do pretty much everything in a hurry, rushed by this chronic lack of time we all seem to be suffering from lately. We want to get home as soon as possible, take a shower, and get on with our domestic activities.

So we press that key fob lock button almost out of reflex. The last thing we figure we want to waste any precious time on is doing a double check on the car doors. They must be locked – you've pressed that lock button just like you do every time you step out of the car, haven't you? You're probably too exhausted to have the power to get out of bed, disable the alarm, out on your street shoes and go to the garage to see if the car is locked. You're sure everything is fine; it always is. Expect, you could wake up one fine morning and discover you've in fact forgotten to press that tiny button on the key fob, or something didn't work the way it should have. And someone took advantage of your mistake and stole your wallet and laptop. You always leave those inside the car, so you don't have to worry about them in the morning. So do you think your insurance policy for your car will cover your loss?

It Depends On The Insureremergency car lockout services

  • Since the police do not determine fault in these particular cases of car theft because of doors left unlocked, you will need to talk to your insured and check their stand on the matter.

  • If you already have a comprehensive insurance plan, it should cover the actual theft of your vehicle. These plans are are normally expanded to all US states, and they will not consider you at fault.

  • You could also be in luck with the coverage of any items that might have been stolen from your unlocked vehicle. But you will have to look somewhere else for the coverage. Namely, in your homeowner's insurance policy. Keep in mind some of these policies will also feature a special clause undercutting the provider’s responsibility provided the driver has acted in a way that has increased the risk of theft. Leaving a car unlocked is part of this type of reckless behavior, no doubt about it.

  • Just make sure you have your locks and key fobs checked by an authorized locksmith periodically. Services like 24/7 Los Angeles Locksmiths should help you assess the safety of on your car and bring important improvements when needed. You can check their/our emergency car lockout services as well and save their number on speed dial. They can immediately get you out of any lock or key pickle you might find yourself in. And they do it at affordable rates too.