The rates on car insurances are on an ascending path for a few years, and things do not seem to be changing anytime soon. Data from a study performed by J.D. Power speaks of a high number of vehicle owners who have witnessed their insurance rates spiking more than $200 during the past few years. Car insurance costs a lot of money for a number of reasons. Understanding each of them into more detail will help you lower your premium, so the research is well worth it. To come to your help, here are a few of the most effective cost-cutters to keep a close eye on.

It Costs More To Repair A Car

Inflation and the advent of new car technologies based on sensor and advanced safety features have led to a rise in the prices of car repairs. As helpful as these modern devices might be, they also incur higher prices when it comes to fixing them when they stop working properly. We are looking at a 40 percent increase in the cost of body work in the last decade. Automatically, the insurance costs have followed the ascending trend and continued to go up.

More Drivers Make Insurance Claims

Since there are more reckless and distracted drivers and a lot more cars on the road every day, crashes are a common thing. The larger percentage of car accidents is also translated into more insurance claims. Insurers are forced to transfer part of their extra expenses in the form of higher premiums.

Plus, car theft is another harsh reality of the times we live in. More and more people have their cars broken into and have valuables taken from it, damaged by vandals, or stolen. Having one’s car locks be periodically checked by a locksmith that specializes in automotive locksmithing services is one way of deterring thieves.

How A Car Locksmiths Can Lower Your Premium

If your locks are vulnerable, worn-out, or broken, but you haven’t had a chance to have them fixed, you are practically sending out an open invitation to potential thieves. Talk to a local locksmith who is reliable, experienced, and insured/bonded, and schedule an appointment. The best services provide free estimates and advice on the best approach to your specific problems. Do not ignore the lock on your trunk either; the trunk is an excellent access point for opportunist car thieves, but it could also save you from a lot of headaches, should you get locked out of your car at some point. Make sure the lock on it is working fine, have your key fob and transponder system checked for any faults and fix, reprogram, or replace anything that is not working at its full potential.

If you do not have an alarm on your car, or locks for your brake, steering wheel, or wheels, a lock technician like these guys here can come to your help. If you need a new copy key made, do not postpone getting it done. The sooner, the better, as you never know when you might lose or misplace your current key. The last thing you want is to force your entry into your car by either breaking one of the locks or windows. And while locksmiths do offer emergency lockout services, it is a lot cheaper to use your own duplicate key.

Once your vehicle will be properly secured, your insurance agent could reassess it and lower your premium. Since the risk of someone stealing your car or breaking into it is lowered thanks to the fresh security measures you have taken, you could pay less for the insurance.

Be A More Mindful Driver

Stay present in the moment and avoid any texting and any other distraction that might cause you to lose your focus behind the wheel. The fewer car crashes you are involved in, the higher your rating and smaller your premium.

Top Up Your Car Insurance Discount

If you know you won’t be driving more than 7,500 miles per year, you could qualify for a low-mileage discount of up to 15 percent. You may also receive a special commuter discount in case you care for the environment and you are also using the subways or buses throughout the week.

Insuring several cars on your name should also bring you satisfying discounts of up to 25 percent for car collision or liability premiums. Airbags and tracking systems are also good for dropping the price of your insurance premium; if you are an AAA member or part of an alumni group, you may also enjoy smaller prices.