Does your car alarm ever go off at 2 in the morning? How do you think your neighbors feel about it? What would you say is the biggest advantage of having an alarm Car alarms and insurance premiumsfitted on your vehicle? Do you think that your insurance premium could be influenced by the presence of a car alarm? We are going to answer a few of the most burning questions about car alarms and their connection to premiums.

Different Types Of Car Alarm

Today's car alarms can be found in a variety of formats. Besides the enhanced security feature, they are also very likely to lower your car insurance premium. Most car alarms are a mix of the following features:

  • Active car alarms that require the driver to turn it on. When the car is locked, the driver can then activate an additional alarm setting that will enable additional control over the system compared to a passive alarm.

  • Passive alarms activate automatically when the key is removed and the doors are locked.

  • Immobilizers do a good job at immobilizng the vehicle in case someone tries to use something other than a key to start the engine. This type of alarm normally locks steering wheel in place. Sometimes, it can enable the emergency lights on the vehicle.

  • Trackers will help vehicle owners and the police track down the car faster and simpler, usually relying on messages sent to their registered device.

  • Silent alarms sent messages to the owner who will then send them out to the authorities without drawing any attention or making any sounds.

  • Audible alarms, on the other hand, will enable the vehicle's lights and horn until the owner will stop them.

  • Professional locksmiths can recommend the best types of alarms based on the specific make and model of the customer's vehicle. The specializes in the all types of automotive locksmith services, including lock re-key, transponder key re-programming, lock repair, duplicate car key or key fob making, and car alarm and immobilizer fittings. They work at a national level and they also provide 24/7 emergency services. They can help you select the best alarm that will not only make your vehicle safer when parked, but also lower your insurance premiums.

Car Insurance Premiums VS Car Alarms

Since most of today's car alarms use a mix of the previously mentioned features and types of alarms, they can do a good job at keeping thieves at bay. They can be bought separately and installed by professional car locksmiths. Improperly installed alarms will lower your chance of lowering a premium, while leaving a vehicle in a more vulnerable position.

On the other hand, a well working and properly installed car alarm could lower the insurance cost. Some insurers provide discounts for having alarms installed, since the device will act as a car thief deterrent. It is advisable to check with your car insurer prior to buying an alarm. Keep in mind that the activation costs could be higher at first, but you will end up saving a lot of money on the long term on your premiums.