Did you ever remain locked out of your car by mistake or because of a faulty lock/key? If you are currently dealing with a lockout or you are trying to act with caution and know exactly what to expect in case of a lockout, these next few tips should be useful.

Can Your Car Insurance Cover A Lockout Service?car lockout

This is one of the most common questions car owners tend to ask themselves and their insurance agents. Lockouts are more common than you might imagine, and there are lots of people who believe they are covered by insurance. The good news is that this is true. The not so great news is that not all companies use the same policies, and you will need to do some digging around. Once all details become clear to you, you should get reimbursement for the lockout service or for having to replace an old key.

Full-coverage insurance plans usually feature lockouts from vehicles. Expect anywhere between $100-$150 for a lockout incident and up to $200 for a lost key problem. Your locksmith will issue an invoice after successfully unlocking your car, which you will then need to send to the insurance company. Make sure the invoice has all the necessary details so the reimbursement can be completed hassle-free.

Triple-A members can also usually benefit from free car lockouts. Just keep in mind you have every chance of having to wait at least a couple of hours for someone to arrive and actually unlock your vehicle. Given the fact that AAA works with lots of sub-contractors dispersed all over the country, you will need to wait for your turn. If you are in a great hurry to get back behind the wheel, this could be a big problem. An emergency locksmith working for a reliable, authorized and insured company will usually reach you within 20 to 30 minutes from placing a call. A friendly customer support employee will identify the nearest available lock technician and send them over to your exact location. You will benefit from fast and effective services – usually for a decent price. Once you will receive the invoice, you will be able to contact your insurer and ask for a reimbursement. You may want to first check with your agent and make sure the locksmith you are about to hire is one they prefer working with. Different car insurance companies may prefer to work with different locksmith services, and the one you may have in mind might not be on their list.

How Does Lockout Reimbursement Work?

The majority of locksmiths will have no problem accepting payments from their customers. They will issue a receipt you will then need to submit for reimbursement from your insurer.

For best results and zero surprises, you could also get in touch with the insurance company prior to the locksmith unlocking your vehicle. This way, an insurance agent will contact the respective locksmith and let them know they will be paying on your behalf.

How To Avoid Getting Locked Out Of Your Car (Again)

Lockouts are a nuisance no matter if they are related to homes, vehicles or workspaces. The most common reasons why they occur are, as follows:

  • key theft

  • key loss

  • lock re-keying without users’ knowledge

  • broken/faulty locks

Lost keys to a vehicle and accidental car lockouts are normally covered by insurance companies in relation to roadside assistance providers. Most of these policies will cover the service call and partially or completely pay for lost key replacement. For more expensive models, you will need to partially pay for the cost of getting a new key fob.

A stolen key to a car or one that has become too damaged to allow the driver to make use of it do not usually fall under the same insurance clauses. This is why you should first get in touch with your agent and find out exactly what will be covered. It is possible for car keys to be covered provided the reason why the keys have been damaged is the same reason why the car needs to be repaired.

Keep in mind it is also possible to partially pay for the cost of a lockout or key replacement that is not covered by the insurer, while the company will cover the rest of the work. We hope this information will help you get a better understanding of the way insurance coverage works in case of lockouts. For more details on the process and to learn id your policy will reimburse you in case of an unfortunate event, get in touch with us now.